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We are aware that some users are having difficulties with the calendar system. If you are, please click here to book.

Fancy visiting The Porch House and want to know what shenanigans you can get upto with us? Being the fine fellows we are, we’ve curated a superb selection of events and happenings for you to peruse at your leisure. There’s a bucket load of reasons to shimmy down and see us – why not feast your eyes on our seductive selection below and see what takes your fancy?

Hello you

 The Porch House has been a millennia in the making and it was worth every minute.  Every nook and cranny of our extraordinary Porch House exuberates centuries-old character within its rustic stone walls. Embellished with twisting crooked staircases, roaring open fires and low slung ceilings that are beamed with ancient timber.

We’re sure our Inn could tell a tale or two if it could talk. Unfortunately it can’t but we think our show stopping dwelling with its dazzling decor, flavoursome fare and abundance of tantalising tipples truly does speak for itself. 


We're the best of British

Here at the Porch House – it’s not just our unapologetically English abode that has our guests rallying over our threshold. Although, we imagine our quirky, quintessentially British decor and charming ambience does have something to do with it. Over a thousand years of hosting hungry travellers and parched patrons has gone into our heritage. That’s why we provide the pinnacle of great British dining experiences with our locally sourced, flavourful fare and abundance of ravishing refreshments to wash them down with.

  Why not come on in and join us for a tipple or two and make yourself comfortable. Our house is your home – at the Porch House.

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About the hotel

For over a thousand years, weary travellers have crossed our threshold to seek shelter and grab a great night’s kip. The Porch House has never failed to deliver a home away from home to all who enter here. Our ancient abode has stood the test of time – eleven centuries of it to be more accurate – bequeathing it the staggering title of England’s Oldest Inn.  Despite being the oldest inn in England our enchanting establishment is anything but dated. With its jaw-dropping decor and lashings of modern day luxuries it’s certain to make your stay an unforgettable one. Come see for yourself, enter as our guest and leave as our friend.

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