Welcome back, you have now returned to your home away from home, the second home you were never aware you had. The Porch House in Stow-on-the-Wold. 

You’ve accompanied your four-legged companion on a scenic escapade through the picturesque Cotswold countryside. You’ve championed the rolling hills and conquered the paths less trodden. At the beginning of your dog walk, your canine friend scampered ahead excitedly, but now strolls contently at your side, exhausted yet entirely rejuvenated, like a pup once more.

Perhaps it’s winter. The wild winds have bitten mercilessly at your ears and your eyes are streaming in the bright sunlight. You’ve bore witness to stags hungrily grazing in fields encompassed by the sun rise. The frost tainted air infiltrates your lungs with every intake of breath, leaving every gasp feeling like your very first. 

Nothing compares to the revitalising sensation of a stroll through the country, but now both yourself and your pawed partner are all trekked out. It’s time to come home. 

You pass over our threshold, the one that’s stood for more than a thousand years welcoming and claiming homage to many an exhausted traveller. You open the door and the enticing scent of a hot english breakfast wafts seductively into your face, a toasty raging fire burns bright in the fireplace beckoning you over to thaw out from your Cotswold adventure. A warm cup of tea kindly defrosts your fingers while the soft cushioned seat envelopes you, gently supporting your weary frame as your eyes glide over the deliciously extensive menu, food aplenty to warm the cockles. Your dog, having lapped up its fill from the water bowl now sits curled at your feet, snug and utterly content, the flames from the fireplace dancing peacefully in the reflection of its satisfied eyes. 

Or perhaps it’s Summer. You’ve taken a leisurely stroll through the endless vibrant fields, letting the long grass brush gently against your calves, igniting sweet memories of childhood summers and the carefree misadventures only youth can indulge in. You’ve witnessed the vast array of wildlife relishing in the summer heat. You’ve observed the wildflowers growing waywardly down the cool country paths, seducing the bumble bees with their sweet aromas. Some time was spent sat atop a sweeping hill soaking up the sunshine appreciating the soft fresh breeze that offers relief to your sun kissed brow. You sit blissfully and watch your dog dart to and fro, relishing in the limitless freedom of the great outdoors. And now, well now it’s time to find sustenance and nourishment in a dog-friendly establishment in Stow-on-the-Wold.

You step in onto our rustic stone floor that can cool even the weariest of paws. Why not come through to our heavenly garden retreat and indulge yourself with a perfectly chilled white wine, an arctic cold lager or perhaps a smooth mouth-watering craft beer. Take the weight off your feet and just enjoy blissfully existing in the moment.

Whatever the season, we offer a comfortable yet luxurious experience that both yourself and your canine can bask in. With sumptuous freshly cooked food, a vast array of tantalising beverages and heavenly dog-friendly rooms to rest your head for the night, it really is a dog lovers haven.

Here at the Porch House we pride ourselves on our prime location. Nestled snugly in the middle of the beautiful Cotswold countryside, there’s a walk for everyone. Whether it’s a short stroll along the honey coloured streets discovering the hidden gems of our quaint market town Stow-on-the-Wold, or a grand ramble over the hills and far away into the vast scenic terrain of charming Gloucestershire, you won’t leave disappointed.

They say a man is known by the company he keeps, well the same can be said about an establishment, and here at The Porch House, well our company is undeniably utter paw-fection.