What is a roast dinner, if not one of the most important traditions in British culture? 

It is the centrepiece to many an important occasion. It’s the meal you bring your new partner to when meeting your family for the first time. It’s the dish shared and enjoyed among the old and young alike, bringing generations together. It’s the nostalgic taste of Christmas. 

When we reminisce about the Christmases of our youth, we rarely remember the presents, the decorations or the sweets. We remember the warm smell of gravy wafting through the house, the steam emitting from a plethora of hot dishes carefully slotted on the table, as everyone converses, piling their plates in unison, then…silence. That first mouthful touches the tongue and it’s bliss, so heavenly it would be a sin to disrupt, it needs to be savoured. The combination of complimentary flavours and textures merging together, erupting onto our palette and creating a taste so undeniably delicious that we’re completely lost in it. That’s the feeling we aim and succeed in supplying here in our cosy country restaurant, the Porch House in Stow-on-the-Wold.

Here at the Porch House we believe there is nothing more quintessentially British than the great Sunday roast dinner. It’s not just a meal, it’s a feast. A champion of dinners and the foundation on which all of the best British food is built upon.

A Sunday lunch isn’t something that can just simply be whipped up for a quick meal. It’s a curation of the most freshly picked seasonal vegetables, the crispiest plump potatoes, the fluffiest of Yorkshire puddings and the most tender of meats, meats that melt seamlessly on your tongue, all topped with a lashing of rich, aromatic gravy. 

There isn’t a single part of our roast dinner that we haven’t put the utmost thought and consideration into. Starting with our sage crackling which is so tantalisingly moreish that the very memory of it will leave your taste buds tingling for months to come. 

Then there’s our golden brown Yorkshire puddings, which clash beautifully with our vibrant locally sourced seasonal vegetables, so fresh it’s a wonder that they aren’t still growing on your plate. And if our tender sublimely cooked meat isn’t to your dietary requirements then never fear, we have an exquisite vegan wellington that would turn the head of even the most dedicated carnivore. Our chefs cater to everyone, so we have a number of Vegetarian, Vegan and Gluten free dishes for all to enjoy.

The Sunday roast dinner is truly a work of art, and works of art like all good things take time. Time is something we are willing to spend here at The Porch House, so you don’t have to. Let us prepare you a table in our decadent dining room, our rustic homely lounge, or if dining al fresco takes your fancy then step out into our charming courtyard garden. Indulge yourself in our hearty homemade food and when you’ve eaten your fill and your belt is loosened to its fullest extent, sit back and relax, there’ll  be no argument over who does the washing up today. 

So, whether you’re considering coming to stay in our beautifully scenic market town of Stow-on-the-Wold, or just passing by, come on in to The Porch House and try  our scrumptious Sunday roast. It really is the best roast in the Cotswolds.